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Shopping Feed Tips to Gain Major Brand Visibility

On Demand Webinar

Brands are finally figuring out that they have to be everywhere. Having a presence on everything from Google shopping to Amazon, you’re probably quickly realizing that having quality feed management and optimization is of the utmost importance. But according to recent research, 42% of marketers are NOT using feed management software! We’re here to answer all of your questions – how your feed should match up with different platform algorithms, how seasonality can affect your feed, the common errors you’re seeing in various platforms, etc.


In this webinar, Feedonomics expert Brian Roizen and Hanapin expert Zach Bruner give you exclusive tips for each shopping platform so that you CAN master your feeds while having an optimal presence everywhere.


You’ll learn:

  • The common errors Brian and Zach have experienced in each shopping platform…and how to avoid them
  • Insider tips on how to best optimize your feed for each platform
  • More advanced techniques that will take your shopping results to the next level
  • A glimpse into what you need to succeed on Amazon with feeds