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60-Minute Masterclass: Audience Targeting Strategies for Google Ads

On Demand Webinar

How fitting for us to spend Valentine’s Day talking about marketing relationships: the do’s and don’ts of building relationships through audience targeting. Here’s a sneak peek: don’t just talk about yourself, and don’t be a creepy stalker. But in all seriousness, we’re about to hit you with some major tips on using audience targeting to nurture your customers down the funnel with Google Ads, search, and display. With the right audience targeting strategies, you can increase the reach and profitability of your paid search and display campaigns.


In this webinar, DialogTech’s Kelley Schultz and Hanapin’s Emma Franks will discuss how audience targeting methods are changing, how to build a competitive edge in your industry, and exclusive best practices to help you thrive in a digital marketing world that is all about audiences.


You’ll learn:

  • How to utilize first party call data for building high-converting audiences in Google Ads
  • How to master personalization for driving conversions
  • Custom strategies for each audience type