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Medical Brands Avoid Cannibalizing in the Same Market

The Company


Beachway Therapy Center and Beachside Rehab are two of the top rehab centers in the nation specializing in addiction treatment, dual diagnosis care and aftercare support. Both received the Joint Commission’s Behavioral Health Care Accreditation, among other awards.


The Challenge


Both brands needed to maintain impression share without cannibalizing each other, all while facing changes to Google’s policy limiting ad impressions in the highly competitive rehab space.


The Solution


  • Utilize 5+ Expanded Text Ads per ad group and frequently update copy to improve Quality Score and work with the Google algorithm.
  • Maintain unique voices for each facility to avoid user confusion.
  • Avoid targeting the same keywords across accounts. This prevents ads from showing up for the same searches.


The Result


  • Based on AdWords Auction Insights, the two brands are not showing ads within the same auctions.
  • Beachside Impression Share
    • Q1 2017 (before policy changes): 46%
    • Q1 2018 (after policy limitations): 60%


  • Beachway Impression Share
    • Q1 2017 (before policy changes): 39%
    • Q1 2018 (after policy limitations): 72%


  • Both brands – Avg. Position and CPC improved


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