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Case Studies

How Icelandair Increased ROAS by 88%

Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights from North America to more than 28 destinations in Europe with Iceland as a hub.


The Challenge:
Icelandair needed to increase their bookings while also increasing their return on advertisement spending.


The Strategy:


  • We utilized third party behavioral audiences and persona development to allow expansion of our client’s prospecting campaigns.
  • We also implemented a tiered bidding approach based on recency of site visit without booking.


We included browsers from high income households showing intent to travel internationally or as regular business travelers.

This brought higher quality users with more spending power into the funnel and their likeliness to convert from remarketing was much stronger.

Tiered bidding allowed us to be more aggressive in key decision time frames. The longer a user took to return and book, the less valuable they were deemed and bidding was adjusted accordingly.


The Results:

Following the introduction of Persona Based Prospecting, and tiered remarketing bidding in December and November respectively, we saw an 88% increase in ROAS for Jan. We then saw a further 14% increase in February. CPA has remained consistently below initial baseline and goal even during slower sales months. From the date when all strategies were fully implemented to the final month, we achieved 22% lower cost per transaction.




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