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Case Studies

How We Decreased Average Cost Per Lead by 75% for a Data Security Company Using Facebook Lead Ads

This case study won categories of “Best Paid Social Campaign” and Best Social Media Campaign” at the 2019 Interactive Marketing Awards.


Hanapin Marketing’s data security client was struggling to increase brand awareness for its target audience of IT managers, Technical engineers, and SysAdmin personnel. The client had an exciting content offer – a lighthearted play on “Cards Against Humanity”, specifically designed for this audience (complete with technical jargon and jokes galore). While the offer was ideal for the audience, cost per lead was far too high to accomplish a strong ROI, so our client was stuck at a crossroads.


The Hanapin account team stepped in as an extension of their team and creatively revitalized ad copy and imagery to produce stronger engagement for this customized game. Our experts developed a complete restructure of the campaign, working to narrow audiences to assess their engagement level and conversion rate. They redirected budgets into the strongest audience targets by ad set, and finally launching a Facebook direct lead campaign that resulted in a 75% decrease in cost per lead.



Target Audience and Strategy:



Some ad groups had a cost per lead as high as 4x the target CPA threshold.


There were just 3 demographic ad set segments in the existing campaigns, which had been tested for 6 months before the revamp. Because these audiences were consolidated, it was difficult to determine which segments were performing best and converting at our target CPL.


The content offer was high in the funnel and used to build brand awareness, engage potential future employees, and demonstrate the company’s understanding of day-to-day life for System Administrators and other IT professionals.


However, up until this point, the ad copy served made it hard for users to connect to the product and pre-qualify the different audience personas because it was generalized to all IT workers. As we segmented the audience, we updated the ad copy to address that the content offer was made “for IT Engineers”, “for System Administrators” etc, further targeting each audience as its own.



Implementation and Creativity:


Our experts used extensive keyword research and creativity to make copy changes to the Facebook ads, in order to to spur more engagement and pre-qualify the ad text to be specific to our target personas.



Additionally, we rolled out direct lead ads, which allowed users to request the deck on Facebook instead of navigating to the landing page. We then created a specific audience to re-target those users that successfully downloaded the offer, so we could push leads down the funnel by offering more brand-building offers and mid-funnel offers like whitepapers, data security guides, etc.



We increased demographic ad set segments from 3 to 7, massively improving our ability to monitor how different audiences react and engage with the ads.



Results & Evaluation:


Average cost per lead decreased from $12.75 to just $3.20. The monumental improvement came from a few factors:

  • Users found a vast increase in ease of navigation from seeing the ad to submitting their information directly within the Facebook lead ads.
  • The budget adjustments that we implemented in response to specific audience engagement metrics played a significant part in the lowered CPL.
  • We uncovered less expensive audiences through the segmentation of the ad groups





The Hanapin team of experts resolved one of the toughest issues for our clients – building reach and brand awareness – through exceptional innovation. The creative offer demonstrates that the client understands the mindset and main pain points of their audience, but the strategy needed to be fixed to better reach IT managers at a cheaper cost. Our Hanapin experts found a direct solution through Facebook lead form ads, forging a seamless path from the offer to the audience without the need for a landing page visit and vastly improving user experience. Users can convert without leaving Facebook ads, which increased efficiency of this campaign and generated a list of users who previously downloaded the offer to use in mid- and low-funnel remarketing campaigns. Our experts’ creative problem solving tactics drastically increased our client’s brand awareness and resulted in a world of new opportunities and more efficient spend.


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