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Case Studies

How Readers.com Increased eCommerce Pinterest Revenue by 1042%

Readers.com is the world’s largest designer reading glasses store

93% of Pinners Use Pinterest to plan or make purchases





Use a new platform to reach an untapped audience. 80% of sales were from people 45+, majority of them women






Targeting Strategy (per promoted pin)


  • Females
  • US based
  • All Devices
  • 10-15 keywords
  • Aggressive Bid



5 Specific Products


Long Vertical Images


High Color Contrast Product Images


Product Description in Ad Copy


Straight to Product Landing Pages


Rotate Pins Once Performance Dipped








At 6 weeks, there were big increases in performance



They found new users and reached new potential customers while driving positive ROAS. 93% were NEW users, while only 7% were previous users.

Using promoted pins led to new audience discoveries and more purchases well beyond the promoted products. Only 5 products were promoted, but this campaign drove 55 unique products to be purchased.

Pinterest is an attractive and valuable platform for ecommerce retailers. It has the unique ability to influence future purchases, as people go to the platform to discover new ideas and products.
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