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Case Studies

How an Enterprise SaaS Platform Drove a 49% Increase in Pipeline Revenue

Restructuring for Success


The client is a cloud-based enterprise SaaS platform, and is a pioneer in the connected planning software landscape. Having recently gone public and with 20 offices across 13 countries, catering to 9 different verticals, they needed a strategic partner to:


  • Improve performance
  • Drive more pipeline revenue
  • Help their internal team understand what was working and not working and overall help them make even better and smarter decisions for their paid advertising campaigns


When Hanapin first started working with the client, campaigns were structured by general line of business and region served. As Hanapin’s team analyzed performance data, we realized it made more sense to create a tiered bidding structure to accommodate region and business line-specific needs. Restructuring led to:


  • Higher quality leads that converted more frequently
  • Greater insight into what content and approach was effective for each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Increased overall pipeline revenue for the company by 49% in only 3 months



Tiered Bidding Strategy


The campaign went from a single structure to regional campaigns and then structured by their field teams. Here’s how each Tier looked:



Structuring the campaigns in this way resulted in more leads going down the funnel at a much faster pace, because the user was getting the most valuable content at the right moments, and provided better pre-qualification for leads more likely to purchase the platform. Our new structure helped Hanapin and the client’s in-house marketing team understand intent with more granularity and with the full-funnel tier approach, we were able to control costs for low-intent users and avoid overspending on non-converters. The educational content empowered prospects with the tools and resources needed to inform their decision-makers for more well-rounded and informed opinions on the capabilities of the client’s software.


Results & Insights


  • 49% Increase in Pipeline Revenue
  • Higher-Quality MQLS Led to a Pipeline Revenue Increase
    • Though costs increased and the volume of MQLs decreased, these seemingly negative impacts were just by-products of a valuable strategy that ultimately increased company revenue significantly.
  • Better Understood Intent
    • Company knew how each tier was driven to action.




Business Impact


Not only did the restructure of their campaigns result in incredible revenue opportunities, but it also showed the client’s marketing team how effective paid media could be for their business. Prior to Hanapin’s takeover of the client’s account there was a lack of clarity into the impact that paid digital as a whole had on the user journey. Providing clear direction and intent of every level of the user journey allowed us to reach more users and provide more valuable content and decision-making information.


The client was impressed with the opportunities digital could drive and excited about the long-term projections of what PPC could do for their business. Investments in paid media has increased each quarter since we started working with them and projected to double in the near future.




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