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Hanapin is now a part of Brainlabs | Find out what this means


"The ability to lean on Hanapin to be in the account and manage and expand on our Brand is paramount to our success over the last year"

- Topher Mould | Senior Marketing Associate | Highlights

Case Studies

How a Children's Magazine Increased Mobile Traffic by 300%

Highlights is a national brand of diverse products for kids that develop reading, thinking, and reasoning skills.


New competitors were decreasing their mobile traffic and app install volume.

Increase bid in app install campaigns by 200%.


  1. Before starting the test, Hanapin and Highlights discussed new competitors within the industry and what the impact was on overall app performance – decrease in traffic and an increase in CPI (Cost Per Install).
  2. By increasing bids by 200%, Highlights was better able to compete with others in the space and get their ad copy in front of their target demographic.
  3. Throughout the course of raising bids, overall CPI decreased and conversion rate began to increase.




“Highlights is in a competitive industry and with children learning how to use mobile devices and tablets at an early age, we wanted to get the app in front of those who matter most, the parents. By taking a risk and increasing bids, our ad outperformed the competition and got in front of parents who found the app beneficial, in which they then downloaded the app.”
– Shannon Glass | Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

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