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Case Studies

CRO Insights Drive 46% Revenue Growth for Highly-Customizable Products

Produced by Hanapin Marketing

An e-commerce client of ours, Murphy Door, sells high-end, custom doors for homes.  Naturally, the customization and exceptional quality doors result in customers paying a higher price for the quality they receive. The more a customer chooses to customize their door, the more dollars they will spend. While conversions weren’t especially low for Murphy Door at the time, Hanapin’s CRO team stepped in as an extra set of eyes, looking for ways they could make the user experience even more exceptional.


The customization process appears like this on mobile and desktop devices when customers first visit these product pages:




What we noticed as we began customizing a door, specifically on mobile devices, was a price tag that appeared to be a warning. At the top of the page was a glaring price calculator that dynamically changed the price as the customer worked through the customization process.



The customer immediately sees a huge, red button, saying that they’re about to spend $499.00 right out of the gate and there’s nowhere to go but up. Imagine continuing this customization process, creating a door that costs $1,000+, and having the price tag flashed in your face the entire time.


So, what’s the problem?


The color red.


In this instance, it wasn’t a problem that the price tag follows users during the customization process. In fact, this eliminates any questions users may have about how much they’ll end up spending. It all boiled down to the color. Some might argue that the price tag should be, and currently is, contrasting from the rest of the branded colors. Therefore, we shouldn’t change it. However, red is said to represent violence, danger, and anger. It’s also said to increase heart rate and raise blood pressure. We didn’t want this to be the experience users have as they’re trying to purchase a door. Instead, we want them to feel comfortable and secure doing so.



The color blue is said to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom and confidence. It’s also said that blue produces a calming effect. This is what we want users to feel when they’re purchasing a door—especially a door that costs $1,000+.


Our team hypothesized that changing the pricing calculator to blue would increase overall revenue, because of the calming effect. The customization and purchase process should not scare users or create a sense of fear. Instead, they should feel calm and secure in their purchasing decisions.



We then ran a split test, where half of all users saw the red price calculator, and half saw the blue price calculator.


In just two weeks, we saw phenomenal results from such a simple change, including $21,135.27 more in revenue and 16 more transactions.


Additional results:

  • 46.06% increase in revenue
  • 45.44% increase in revenue/visitor
  • 29.17% increase in e-commerce conversion rate
  • 10.29% increase in average order value
  • -12.74% decrease in bounce rate
  • 3.23% increase in average time on page


The pricing calculator is supposed to create a user experience with no surprises. It’s still there for reference during the entire process, but without causing fear in users, or putting pressure on their wallets. Instead, it now acts as a friendly reminder.


By helping Murphy Door be more curious about the effects of color on their conversions, they were able to turn good performance into heroic performance. They were ecstatic when they saw the test results and implemented the change immediately on their site, and will carry that insight with them for all future site changes.

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