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Combatting Rising CPCs: 1,382% Lead Increase with a Cross-Platform Remarketing Strategy

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One of our clients offers software for cause-driven organizations to amplify their message and raise more funds. Their suite of solutions powers online giving, event management, mobile bidding, and peer-to-peer fundraising for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.


Challenges with Paid Search


A continuous trend and challenge among businesses is rising CPCs on Google Search. For this client, cost per lead had risen to the point of diminishing returns. While Google Search is a great channel for high-quality leads, the declining margins suggested that the company needed to start exploring expansion opportunities in other ad platforms.


Expanding More Prominently into Paid Social


While the client had been advertising on Facebook for some time, the budget was small. Once search became less profitable, the Hanapin team encouraged the client to move more budget into both Facebook and Linkedin to expand their audience and acquire additional leads.


The team tested different strategies and calls to action on both platforms to understand which was the best for lower-funnel leads. These tests revealed that Facebook led to more lower-funnel leads at a lower cost than search, while LinkedIn generated more top-of-funnel leads.

Building a Cross-Platform Strategy


Once the team understood how each channel performed, they built out a cross-platform remarketing strategy with Facebook and Linkedin.






1382% increase in leads YoY
56% decrease in cost per lead YoY
*Comparing results from Jan-Feb 2018 to Jan-Feb 2019




How it Impacted Their Business


The outcome of this simple, yet effective, strategy was a terrific demonstration of how outside-of-the-box thinking and testing new approaches can result in big wins.  The huge increase in high-quality leads led to more sales and better growth for the company. In addition, the client now has even more confidence in testing new strategies with the Hanapin team. The client decided to invest more marketing budget in paid media due to the success of the strategy.

Since May 2018, thanks to successful tests like this with the Hanapin team, this client’s paid media budgets have quintupled. 


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