Your Expert InstructorImani ParkerAgency Account Strategist Google

One of Google’s most recent YouTube expansions is YouTube for Action. YouTube for Action allows you to reach your audiences using intent signals on YouTube. And now, you can drive conversions with new ad formats optimized for action, like Lead Form Ads. YouTube Lead Form Ads drive leads via in-line form submissions, meaning the user no longer has to navigate off of YouTube in order to complete a form fill.


In this lesson, Google Agency Account Strategist Imani Parker, does a step-by-step breakdown on how to get YouTube Lead Form Ads set-up and the things and settings you need to be aware of when you are implementing this new format.

What you'll learn in this lesson

  • What YouTube Lead Form Ads look like
  • How to start building a campaign with them
  • What settings you need to pay special attention to
  • Creative requirements for the format