Your Expert InstructorEmma SmithProduction Specialist Hanapin Marketing

In PPC, you eventually get limited on what you can do with your keywords, and it is inevitable that your ads will show for searches that aren’t related to what you are advertising. Since you likely don’t want to waste spend, what do you do to prevent your ads from showing for these searches? You use negative keywords.


Negative keywords are the keywords you add into your account that you don’t want your ads to show for. There are a few different ways to find negatives, and there are also a few different ways to exclude them. In this lesson, Emma Smith will show you both how to find and exclude negatives, as well as best practices for using them.

What you'll learn in this lesson

  • How to find negative keywords
  • Different ways you can exclude them from your PPC accounts
  • Best practices when using them
  • Examples of how and when you would use negative keywords