Your Expert InstructorPurna VirjiSr. Manager of Global Engagement Microsoft

Managing your search campaign is like parenting. Are you the overly protective parent who only uses Broad Match and prohibits your ‘child’ from exploring new queries of the natural language? Or are you the hands-off parent who lets you child runs wild with Broad Match and burns through your budget uncontrollably? The right answer, like any parenting method, is to be a balanced parent and apply ‘Broadience’, a term coined by Purna Virji from Microsoft that means Broad Match + Retargeting Audience.


‘Broadience’ is the strategic way to optimize Broad Match keywords to a specific audience. In this lesson, Purna Virji will show you how capture your audience through three simple steps, demonstrated by a case study.

What you'll learn in this lesson

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to use pure Broad Match
  • Opportunities that Broadience (Broad Match + Retargeted Audience) can bring to your brand
  • Case study and examples of when you would use Broad Match
  • Three simple step to start applying Broadience