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Let’s take a deeper dive on who can get the most benefit out of Shape!


What verticals does your platform work best for? Shape is vertical agnostic, but works best for digital agencies and advertisers managing clients with budget goals. Teams managing E-commerce campaigns with less rigid budgets can use Shape for collaborating and reporting, but do not benefit as much from the advanced budget automation features.

What’s the average cost for a client to use your platform?
We offer a free tier that allows customers to manage one client and up to 20 budgets for free. Premium tiers start at $299/month for up to $100K/month in advertising spend. For every $250K in additional spend, Shape’s cost increases $500. There are discounts for semi-annual and annual contracts

Describe the on boarding process

During the initial platform walk through, you are guided through a quick process of connecting data to Shape and creating your first budget.


Be prepared with a list of campaigns that make up each budget you manage; know the length and type (repeating or one-time) of budget cycle; and enable alerting and automation (if desired). People typically spend about 1-2 minutes setting up each budget, but budget “shells” can be quickly replicated to make new budgets with minimal changes.


When getting started, expect to spend some additional time learning about automation features and Shape’s more advanced tools such as Budget Pacing and Budget Booster.


Who generally uses your platform? (job titles)

  • Account Managers, Strategists, Analysts (day-to-day)
  • Directors or Managers (department oversight)
  • CFOs, CEOs (financial oversight)

Does your platform primarily convert last click or is it a strong contributor via attribution?
Shape doesn’t offer it’s own attribution modeling. Shape supports and reports on whichever attribution model has been implemented in the advertising platforms.

Are you a self service platform or managed service?


What training do you offer to better understand and use your platform?

  • Automated Walkthrough & Onboarding
  • Personalized Onboarding with Shape team member (as needed)
  • Support Center
  • Knowledge Base
  • Training Videos, Walkthroughs, Webinars


Before we built Shape, we were PPC marketers wasting silly amounts of time and energy doing repetitive, mundane work instead of the work our clients paid us to do: get results. We lived in Excel, amassing data, reporting on performance, and manually managing advertising spend. There had to be a better way.


We looked for a solution in the marketplace, but nothing was as flexible as we needed it to be. So we built a PPC management platform that eliminated the tasks that were keeping us from getting new clients while maximizing results for the ones we had. Next time you overspend a client’s budget or open Excel or Google Docs to analyze or report on accounts, keep Shape’s flexible PPC software in mind.

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