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Let’s take a deeper dive on who can get the most benefit out of Acquisio!


What verticals does your platform work best for?
Marketers of any size and from any vertical can benefit from Acquisio’s industry leading AI-Powered PPC automation. Agencies with the following profiles have found Acquisio to be particularly beneficial:


  • Mid-Market agencies
  • Multi-vertical agencies
  • Automotive
  • Legal
  • Medical Services
  • Education
  • Real Estate

What’s the average cost for a client to use your platform?
75% of our clients pay between $199 and $2000 per month depending on their ad spend and
number of accounts? The other 25% are Enterprise clients.

Describe the on boarding process

Onboarding accounts and importing campaigns is very easy at Acquisio.
The following will take 10 mins:

1. Sign up to our 21-day free trial
2. Link existing Master Accounts (if applicable)
3. Associate Google, Bing, and/or Facebook accounts
4. Import campaigns

Your trial manager will get you on track to improve efficiency and performance using Acquisio PPC automation and machine learning optimization.

1. Bid & Budget Management
2. Scheduled Report Templates
3. Facebook / Instagram Campaign Builder
4. KPIs Dashboard
5. Call Tracking Data Connectors

In addition, our experienced customer success team can assist with more complex onboarding
and migration projects. Typically we can get any organization up and running in a few days.


Who generally uses your platform? (job titles)

  • Campaign Managers
  • PPC Campaign Manager
  • Digital Campaign Manager
  • SMB Campaign Manager
  • SEM Manager
  • Campaign Director
  • Account Analyst
  • SEM Manager
  • Digital Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Paid Acquisition Director

Does your platform primarily convert last click or is it a strong contributor via attribution?
Acquisio imports conversions from each advertising platform. Acquisio tracker applies a last
click attribution model.

Are you a self service platform or managed service?

We are a self-serve SaaS platform. We also have a trading desk that manages programmatic
display media buys for our agency clients.

What training do you offer to better understand and use your platform?

We offer a free trial during which we work with you and your team closely to learn how to
leverage the platform to its fullest. Dedicated Account Managers are assigned to Professional
Edition and Enterprise Edition subscribers. In addition, all clients have access to our ticketed
support system and can find helpful documentation, FAQ, and video tutorials on our help page.


For more information about Acquisio’s search, social and display advertising solutions contact sales@acquisio.com

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