What We Do

We Scale Brands

Brands partner with us to manage their domestic and global paid search, paid social, and performance display—collectively called "PPC"—campaigns. Within a 12 month period, brands can expect a 250% increase in their growth trajectory.



Taking A Structured Approach

Often, engagements involve solving festering challenges with efficiency, effectiveness, and competitive strategy; and then evolving the account team to match strength to strategy. We solve challenges and improve performance with an approach we call "rTLS". It stands for Research, Test, Learn, Scale; and it involves structured processes for ad testing, conversion rate optimization, bid management, technology partner selection, keyword management, and the other areas that drive PPC campaigns.


Being Easy To Work With

Businesses need their agency partner to be accessible and flexible. It's why we hire 25% ahead of need and 20% of our team operate as on-demand support. Our account teams are aligned to our client's work schedules, our Account Managers are assigned work up to 65% utilization to allow for flexibility, and we deliver over 100 hours per year of high-quality training to ensure we're always ahead of the next change.

Results Through Teams-of-Teams

Marketing departments want performance gains, guidance on budget allocation, quick turn around on projects, valuable data-driven insights, and unlimited reporting. To do this we live by a collective "we vs. I" mentality. This is demonstrated in our team-of-teams approach to accounts. Clients receive accessible Account Managers by brand and geography, assigned Specialists and executive level oversight. This structure generates consistent month-to-month progress and allows for scale during peak seasons and temporary pulse campaigns.


"The ability to lean on Hanapin to be in the account and manage and expand on our Brand is paramount to our success over the last year"



Focusing only on PPC allows us to dig deeper into how paid media drives customer acquisition for your business. Our success as a company relies on the performance we deliver for our clients in this one channel. We're the only PPC agency that performs in-depth research into your business, provides strategy, and industry leading execution to your accounts, while also enhancing performance with CRO, linking to your CRM, and optimizing off back-end data. We then package it for our clients with reporting and insights that creates value for key stakeholders within your organization and turns you into a hero.

Our partnerships with platforms, tech partners, and industry thought leaders is irreplaceable and instrumental to our clients when it comes to not only solving the PPC problems facing us today, but the transition into the future as we proactively address the marketplace changes of tomorrow.


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