The Challenge

With Pinehurst being the “Cradle of American Golf” since 1895, the resort has certainly achieved brand recognition amongst golf lovers throughout the world. As they were growing their PPC efforts, they saw solid CTRs, calls and bookings come off of their branded keywords. However, though branded PPC was successful, the client often felt that people who already knew the Pinehurst brand would return to them directly without the assistance of PPC. Rather, they wanted to take the budget dedicated toward branded PPC and use it to expose Pinehurst to an audience unfamiliar with them.


The Results

  • Pinehurst
  • Pinehurst


Test new platforms outside of the traditional PPC world to increase reach and awareness for Pinehurst to new audiences.

  1. Utilized Native advertising platforms to share the stories behind Pinehurst’s famous golf courses as well as the great golfers who have played there.
  2. Leveraged Programmatic advertising to build custom audience profiles and then target this highly qualified audience across the Internet.
  3. Golf and travel are inherently social activities; this insight led to creation of a custom audience campaign on Facebook targeting a unique audience that had never booked a trip to Pinehurst before.


"The introduction of new platforms has reinvigorated the Pinehurst account and opened the door to fresh new audiences"

- Hanapin Account Manager 

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