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Hanapin Marketing is proud to offer superior benefits for a company our size!

We are in the top 1% of companies in Indiana participating in a private benefits exchange. We offer several different medical, dental, and vision plans, so you can choose which combination of coverage works best for you and your family. In addition to fantastic health insurance, we also offer:

  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • 9 paid holidays, including your birthday!
  • #2nd2nd - 4 extra paid holidays each year 
  • IRA with a 3% match
  • Opportunity to take advantage of our flexible scheduling benefit
    • Start your day anytime between 7 and 10am
    • Work 4.5 day workweeks
  • Potential opportunity to work remotely twice a week after your 1 year anniversary
  • Get Healthy Program - Additional paid time off to literally get healthy if you're contagious 
  • Paid time off for doctor's appointments for you and your dependents
  • Paid time off to volunteer in the community
  • Tuition remibursement
  • Adoption assistance
  • Mentor-mentee program
  • Employee led wellness activities through #hanafit
  • Corporate partnerships - IU Auditorium, Green Bean Delivery, Comedy Attic, Holiday World, and more!
  • Mac Computer for use while employed
  • Catered lunches and unlimited snacks
  • TONS of training and education opportunities (see below)


Training and Development


New Employee Training - Services Department


At Hanapin we feel it's important for every new team member to feel comfortable in his or her new role as soon as possible! This is true whether they've had previous search marketing experience or not. To accomplish that, we have an extensive training program that eases you into the role by teaching you the basics of PPC and introducing you to the "Hanapin way" of generating results for our clients. Our training program for our Services Team without previous search engine marketing experience encompasses a 11-week training period.

Here's what you can expect during your training period: 

  • Each week you will have hour-long fundamentals training, weekly assigned readings and resources, and a new case study to work on that focuses on a specific area of PPC.
  • You'll read lots of industry blogs, including our own PPC Hero to learn the lingo and catch up on the latest industry news.
  • You'll be a silent attendee for client meetings and status updates to fully understand the nuances of how we handle interactions with clients, how we set agendas, and how we work with clients to drive great results for them.
  • You will have the opportunity to practice what you've learned by working on actual client work and receiving real-time feedback on your assignments.
  • You'll receive lots of constructive feedback from the Services Team on your progress learning PPC and your professional development.
  • At the halfway point of your training, you'll take an assessment test to identify areas for improvement and to ensure you're internalizing the training and applying it correctly in the proper situations.
  • Towards the end of training, you'll start your transition from assignment-based work to self-directed work. You'll be assigned client work and under the supervision of an Account Manager, you'll be responsible for determining the strategy of the account.
  • Once your training is complete, Hanapin will sponsor your certification testing with Google & Bing!

For those hired outside of the Services Department at Hanapin, we offer PPC product training to ensure team members have a solid understanding of PPC. We also offer ongoing role specific training within each department to help facilitate growth throughout the company.


Ongoing Training


In addition to the initial training opportunities listed above, we also conduct a monthly training sessions for our Services Team, referred to as #REDBOP. We believe in continued learning, and that means that we are always growing and expanding our knowledge about PPC. The third Wednesday of every month is dedicated to learning more and updating our existing knowledge about PPC.

In the morning, we assign specific topics to research individually, which helps avoid 'groupthink.' Then, in small groups, we brainstorm to ensure we're on the same page and flesh out any additional information. We'll order in lunch, and then in the afternoon, begin presentations. We'll present 3-4 group presentations. Additionally, there's 1-2 more sessions that help us improve other skills, perhaps exercises to enhance our client communication or tips and tricks for Excel. We'll end the day with company updates and a 360 session to identify ways to improve next month's session. 

Outside of REDBOP, here are some other ways we continue to learn and keep up with the industry: 

  • Read industry blogs on a regular basis.
  • Become eligible to write about new developments on PPC Hero.
  • Attend industry conferences and seminars.
  • Register for relevant online webinars.
  • Share knowledge and expertise with each other on a daily basis.
  • Account and website audits from your peers  




Services employees receive 150 hours of training in the first year and 100 hours in each subsequent year, easily placing Hanapin in the top 1% of all companies in the world in terms of training hours.

With our hands-on style-training program, we're able to train someone with zero skills and transform them into world-class account managers! We're confident that when a new team member 100% commits to learning and following Hanapin's best practices that joining Hanapin can lead to a very successful and rewarding career decision!


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