Devoted PPC Specialists.

Hanapin Marketing is an industry-leading digital marketing agency that manages and optimizes clients’ paid search, paid social, and display programs. It’s our core objective to make everyone better at it: ourselves, our clients, our peers—the entire industry.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We run the world’s most popular PPC blog (PPC Hero) and conference (Hero Conf).
  • 100% of our account managers are certified in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.
  • We specialize in working with clients who spend anywhere from $500,000 annually to multi-million dollar global accounts.


We do more than make claims about our expertise—we share it.

Hanapin Marketing operates the industry's most-trafficked PPC blog, which is known for its consistent expertise and professional-caliber insights and commentary. Each post delivers cutting-edge content from an actual Hanapin account manager. PPC Hero helps guide the industry and we are dedicated to making it better every single day.

Hanapin also hosts the industry's largest all-PPC conference, Hero Conf, which brings together hundreds of the brightest minds from industry powerhouses like Google, Bing, Twitter, Adobe and more, to share best practices and explore new directions in PPC.


Our Clients Come From Our Community. 

Our business model forges partnerships that last.

Our new business comes from the hundreds of thousands of great people in the PPC Hero & the Hero Conf community. As the leader in the community, we are forced to be on the forefront of paid search, paid social and programmatic. Our competition is going to hear and read about every one of our innovative ideas, so just like our clients; we can't rest on yesterday's performance.

It also makes us think long-term about how we treat our clients and partners. We don't treat clients like the villains, because even if our work with them stops, our partnership with them never does. That's why above all else, we are focused on creating PPC Heroes.

Hanapin Industry Leaders


Industry Influencers.

We help lead the industry.

Hanapin’s experts regularly speak at major industry conferences like SES, SMX, PPC Masters, State of Search, Search Insider Summit and Hero Conf, as well as publish to well-known search marketing outlets like Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Examiner and The SEM Post.

Hanapin PPC Clients

Partners For Growth.

We can prove it too.

Hanapin’s client base includes big brands and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of verticals such as The Weather Channel, Home Depot, Shoe Carnival, Icelandair, Pinehurst, UGG Australia, Education Affiliates, Purdue University, Burpee, and Cook Medical. Click here to see a more comprehensive list of some our clients.

We're community driven. Leading this community creates unique partnerships with engines like Google and Bing, as well as tech platforms like Visual Website Optimizer, CrazyEgg, Acquisio, Kenshoo, Ninjacat, and dozens more. These relationships create advantages for our clients-partners, by allowing them unparalleled access and often price breaks.

We focus. We focus on Paid Search, Paid Social and Programmatic. We believe these channels are unique in their strategies, performance, and budget allocation, and thus need the expertise of focused specialists. 

Strength From Our Business Model.

Leads to 90 Net Promoter Score.

Clients give us a Net Promoter Score of 90 (one of the highest ever recorded). 94% of conference-partners plan to return to Hero Conf. Our partners love working with us, because we are easy to work with and because everyone at Hanapin is rewarded for getting results. We do this in two ways.

1) We share our revenue with employees through a program we call the Performance and Loyalty Incentive Plan (PLIP). It shares revenue across our entire company (including administrative roles) for hitting targets. Each employee earns a share of that revenue, even if they have only been here for 1-day. Their share is based on how long they have worked at Hanapin, which means folks are incentivized to do everything they can to help our clients and to stay at Hanapin as long as it makes sense for them. 

2) We create teams-of-teams. Due to our compensation model, our team doesn’t worry about comparing their workload to others, but worry about how they can do more than just their part for the greater good of their partners. This includes an entire group, called the Growth Team, that isn't directly assigned accounts, but rather helps our partners find new, straightforward opportunities in the increasingly complex digital space. 

Our business model has resulted in our first and second clients still being with us today (12 years later). Because of it, client-partners see their accounts grow 250% faster after signing with Hanapin, and 93% of employee-partners keep working with us. 

If you need a team of experts, we have a building full of them. See our solutions page to take the next step towards partnering with Hanapin Marketing.



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