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An Agency Becomes a Leader Because of Its Clients.

Hanapin Marketing is an industry-leading digital marketing agency that specializes in just one thing: digital advertising. And it’s our objective to make everyone better at it: ourselves, our clients, our peers—the entire industry.

We can say that—and accomplish that—because of the work we do for our clients. All of our thought leadership, our focus on enterprise-caliber accounts, and our industry-shaping commentary comes directly from what we learn and achieve on behalf of our clients. It's what we do, and it's what we strive to get better at every day.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We specialize in working with enterprise-caliber companies who have ad spends anywhere from $50,000 monthly to multi-million dollar global accounts.
  • 100% of our account managers are certified in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.
  • We run the world’s most popular PPC blog (PPC Hero) and conference (Hero Conf).

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How We Prove It

PPC Hero We do more than make claims about our expertise—we share it.

Hanapin Marketing operates the industry's most-trafficked digital advertising blog, PPC Hero, which is known for its consistent expertise and professional-caliber content and commentary. Each post delivers cutting-edge thought leadership from an actual Hanapin account manager. It helps guide the industry, and we couldn't do it if we weren't striving to get better every single day.

Hero Conf Hanapin also hosts the industry's largest all-PPC conference, Hero Conf, which brings together hundreds of the brightest minds from industry powerhouses like Google, Bing, Adobe and more, to share best practices and explore new directions in digital advertising.

But what's the ultimate proof? Testimonials from real clients. And Hanapin Marketing has a Netpromoter Score of 90, meaning 9 out of 10 of our clients would be "extremely likely" to recommend us to a friend or colleague—that's one of the highest Netpromoter Scores ever recorded. For reference, Apple scored a 71. scored a 76.

See more proof on our clients page—or read more about our Unique Advantages and Superior Benefits below.


Gain Unique Advantages

There are thousands of PPC agencies and dozens that are considered top tier like us. You have the difficult task of parsing the wheat from the chaff and looking at only what the firm provides in terms of services probably doesn't help with that much. Here are the things that Hanapin Marketing does that are completely unique to us.

Director-level insight on every account

  • The Director of Paid Search is updated on every account on Monday morning and every Friday afternoon.
  • Account Managers have direct access to Director and ask for strategic direction or help troubleshooting issues.

Writers for the world's most popular PPC blog working on your account

  • We don't follow best practices, we create them.
  • We get the ear of the major search networks when there is an issue or feature we'd like to see.

Red Account Reviews (RAR's)

  • We don't wait for accounts to go bad, or clients to bring issues to our attention. We routinely gather the entire paid search department for review of one account and pick it apart.
  • We walk away with actionable solutions to potential issues or upcoming challenges and the account manager gets help from the director and rest of the team to accomplish the action items quickly

Research Design and Best Practices (REDBOP)

  • On the third Wednesday of the month we shut down the office for a day of training.
  • Our account managers stay up to date and are continually challenged to think of new ways to approach accounts.
  • Industry leading number of training hours per year.

Analysis-Driven PPC

  • It may not sound like much but we put an emphasis on thinking first then acting.
  • Analyze the basics but take it further to correlation and causation, lead quality not just quantity, attribution modeling not just last click and historical trends that are a threat to your business.

Account Management Capacity on Demand

  • In addition to your dedicated Account Manager multiple AM's at Hanapin will be trained on your account.
  • We have access to a dozen of the brightest PPC minds, all waiting to do freelance work for us.
  • This means that you will have support when you really need it like seasonal promotions or new product launches.

Certified Account Managers

  • Every one of our Account Managers is certified in AdWords Fundamentals, AdWords Search Advanced, Google Display, Google Reporting and Analysis, Google Analytics, and Microsoft AdCenter within the first six months of their employment with us.
  • This means that your account will be in the hands of one of the few people in the industry that have all of these certifications.

Policy and Compliance Resolution

  • No one is better at getting ads, campaigns or accounts that had been suspended back up and running again.
  • We do this through our multi-tiered relationship with search and display networks and with our knowledge of what the most common issues are and how to resolve them.


Uncover Superior Benefits

There are certain services and benefits that you expect every agency to have. Here, we exceed those expectations by having multiple channels to measure success. Our Account Managers speak at conferences, go through a rigorous training program (regardless of experience level) and our agency is results focused. As an enterprise client, you are also looking for consistency and trustworthiness; our company has been doing PPC since 2004 and our first client is still with us today.

While you get many of the following services with other PPC agencies, you rarely get them all in one place, for one price and with the expertise of the world leader in PPC thought leadership.

Effective Account Management With Smarter Structure

We ensure account organization and staying on top of the little things that make all of the difference in it's performance. Paying close attention to structure and everything from campaign targeting to technological diversity help us to serve you on multiple platforms with a higher success rate.

  • Geo-targeting
  • Match Types
  • Naming Conventions
  • Google Labels
  • Embedded Negatives
  • Increased Relevancy
  • Search and Display
  • Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Devices

Better Quality Scores

We ensure high Quality Scores through perfected processes of structuring and analysis of accounts so that we are always on the same page with you. We use tried and true methods to design your campaigns and report regularly to ensure that you are always aware of the status your account.

  • Proper Account Structure
  • Top Performer Campaigns
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Weighted QS Analysis
  • QS and CPA Correlation Analysis

Higher Converting Ad Copy

We create copy that is both attention-grabbing and produces high conversion rates. With well-formulated headlines and targeted copy, we can help to optimize your search results and turn clicks into conversions.

  • Ad Testing Matrix
  • Split Testing
  • Scientific Approach
  • Business Insights
  • Crowd Sourced
  • Image Ad Production

Increase Volume With Pre and Post Click Conversion Rate Optimization

Through CRO expertise and skilled Ad Writing, our account managers can help to narrow down the amount of clicks on your ads…and turn those clicks into conversions.

  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Wireframes
  • Utilizing CRO Platforms (Optimizely, Liveball, Unbounce, etc.)
  • Crowd Sourced Recommendations


We use a varied scheme of methods to choose the right keywords for your account, and use the data collected on those keywords we use effectively to power pack your account. Through a series of analyses we can determine the effectiveness of the keywords that we are currently using, and how to better optimize your account's keywords to increase conversion traffic.

  • Average Position Analysis
  • 4 Separate Tools
  • Search Query Reports
  • Cost-to-conversion Threshold Matrix
  • Head Terms
  • Tail Terms
  • Organic Term Analysis
  • Return On Ad Spend Analysis
  • Lead Quality Analysis

Collective Learning With Transparent Reporting

We communicate regularly with our clients so that they are aware of changes in their account. We are always available for consultation and for addressing questions or concerns about what you may see when you access your own account.

  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting
  • Bi-weekly Calls with Account Team
  • Concierge/Custom Reporting Upon Request
  • On-site Visit in First 90-days

Deeper Analysis With Google Analytics

We pride ourselves on our policy of complete account analysis. From your landing page to your goal reports, we make sure that we are constantly monitoring and analyzing your account for ways to improve upon what you already have.

  • Site Performance Analysis
  • Site Speed Recommendations
  • Custom Reporting
  • Optimization Based On Return On Ad Spend
  • Learning From Other Marketing Channels
  • Content Experiments
  • Code Setup and Implementation

Recapture Traffic At Lower Costs With Remarketing

Research tells us that remarketing campaigns are a very effective method of recapturing lost conversions. Through very targeted campaigns, we are able to focus on those clicks that don't convert at first and educe their attention.

  • Building Remarketing Lists By Product/Service
  • Remarketing Campaign Optimization
  • Remarketing Embedded With Contextual For Lower CPA/CPL

Increase Reach And Frequency With Management on All Major Networks

Through seeking to target the maximum audience, we are able to increase the spread of your campaigns. Interactive advertising allows us to target users through search engines and other forms of online media & communications programs.

  • Google
  • Bing/Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • 7Search
  • FetchBack
  • Display Ad Exchanges (i.e. Double Click)

Make Smarter Decisions With More Accurate Tracking

More accurate tracking allows us to win more bids, maximize your budget, target key markets and even set up scripts for automation. The ability to have more success with your account starts with going above and beyond basic text ads.

  • Call Tracking/Metrics
  • Google/Bing Conversion Codes
  • Google Analytics
  • Third Party Pixel Integration
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Tag Managers

Get A Competitive Edge With More Technology

Technology has not only changed how we communicate in our everyday lives, but also in how we do business. Creating more technologically advanced Ad Campaigns allow us to be more creative and take accounts to the next level.

  • Enhance Reporting Through Acquisio
  • Rule and Algorithmic Bid Management Options
  • Advanced Excel Macros
  • Proprietary Forecasting Tools
  • Management of Call Tracking Software (Mongoose Metrics, Navis, Etc.)

Smarter Bid Management For Higher ROI

Bid management allows us to set goals for your accounts, which in turn increases your return. With strategic bidding processes, we can surge your return and use your investment wisely.

  • Rule and Algorithmic Bidding
  • Manual Bidding
  • Click Attribution Modeling
  • Multi-channel Attribution Modeling
  • Bidding Based on ROAS
  • Bidding Based on Lead Quality

Better Results With Full Integration With Google and Other Products

We are fully integrated with Google products to help us serve you and your account to the fullest possible capacity using the most up-to-date software.

  • Rule and Algorithmic Bidding
  • Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads)
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Call Metrics
  • Location Extensions
  • Social integration
  • Day Parting
  • Comparison Shopping Sites
  • Call Extension

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