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Women in Digital: Dominate the Confidence Gap

On Demand Webinar

According to the study Women in the Workplace 2016, women fall behind early and continue to lose ground with every step in corporate America. There’s a number of reasons why women face these challenges, but for this particular event, we’re going to focus on one: the Confidence Gap.


Not only will we go through defining what the confidence gap is, but the panelists will discuss how to identify someone experiencing this gap and how leaders can help their employees dominate it. You’ll hear some great advice from dynamic women in the digital industry, like:


  • Julia Meter, Agency Development Manager at Google
  • Andrea Kayal, VP of Marketing & Customer Success at Signpost
  • Nickie Smith, Global Marketing Director at Microsoft
  • Rebecca Reott, Director of HR at Hanapin (moderator)

We’ll leave you with actionable takeaways on how you can address these prevalent issues, whether as an individual or as a CEO of your company. We invite both men and women to participate in the conversation.


In this webinar panel, we’ll discuss:


  • What the confidence gap is
  • How a company or individual can take steps to overcome the challenges
  • Feedback tools your company can put in place to empower women in the workplace