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Forecasting the 2019 Shopping Ads Landscape

On Demand Webinar

As we all breathe a sigh of relief after the crazy holiday season, it can be easy to turn forward, move onto the next season, and not look back. But there are vitally important insights that can be gleaned from the Q4 shopping season; insights that can help you be more prepared and ahead of the curve as we begin 2019. Don’t ignore them!


In this webinar, shopping experts Zach Bruner from Hanapin and Robert Dawson from REI discuss the showstopping trends they saw emerge in Q4, and what it will look like in 2019 for ecommerce. Join us so you can start off your 2019 ahead of your competitors and moving 100 mph.


You’ll gain:

  • A post-Q4 checklist to walk through in order to foresee trends for 2019
  • Insight into important ecommerce developments and what they mean for you
  • A brand’s view: How REI tackled the holiday season and what they see coming for the next year