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The PPC Newsflash: Why You Should Care About the Amazon Advertising Rebrand + Exact Match Update

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On Wednesday, September 4th, Amazon aimed to minimize confusion by launching Amazon Advertising, a combination of all the parts of the ad business – Amazon Media Group, Amazon Marketing Services, and Amazon Ad Platform. Amazon is listening to its advertisers, and this news gives us all hope that the platform will continue to evolve to be the digital marketer’s dream advertising channel.



If you were stoked about us chatting about the Amazon Advertising rebrand, you won’t even need your coffee. BECAUSE, as the PPC industry always keeps us on our toes, Google announced yet another high-impact update to exact match keyword targeting. Exact match is now more dependent on the meaning and intent of the query matching the keyword – and we just have to talk about it. Why did Google make this change? How will it impact your keyword targeting strategy?


Jump ahead of your competitors and join President Jeff Allen and Amazon experts Tanner Schroeder and Zach Bruner on the latest episode of the PPC Newsflash, the webinar series where we help marketers become heroes by making sense of the frequent and often jarring changes in the digital marketing industry.