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The PPC Newsflash: Exclude Your Ads from Mobile Apps in the GDN

On Demand Webinar

Marketers have been buzzing about the new GDN targeting changes, eliminating the option to exclude mobile apps from their display campaigns. Without this option, advertisers could see major peaks in wasted spend and loss of control as their ads will show up (unwanted) within mobile apps.


But instead of just sucking it up and watching your precious spend increase, there IS a solution you can use that we need to talk about RIGHT NOW. Join Hanapin’s Jeff Allen and Jacob Fairclough as they discuss the issue and how we’ve found a solution for you.


The PPC Newsflash is a new series we’re rolling out to make sure you’re in the know about the newest updates in the PPC industry. Stay tuned for more PPC Newsflash episodes as the digital marketing world continues to evolve.