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The PPC Battle: Human vs. Machine

On Demand Webinar

With the influx of automation and machine learning comes the ultimate PPC battle: human vs. machine. Questions float around our minds like “Is the machine better than the man?” “What can man do better than a machine?” “What should we feel comfortable relinquishing our control to a machine for?” These are good questions to ask, and ones we can’t wait to answer for you.


Join us as Acquisio’s Beth Thouin and Hanapin’s Jeff Baum dive into the complexities of machine learning and discuss strategies to discerning which of your PPC tasks you should take yourself and which you should let a machine help you out with.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Finding the balance of machine and man working together
  • What roles and responsibilities man should keep
  • The limitations of machine learning and how to deal with it