New Google Ads Updates to Finish the Year Strong

On Demand Webinar

It’s that time again – time to go over all the new and improved features you need to be using in Google Ads! Since the platform is constantly changing and updating, we want to be your go-to resource when you need the ultimate scoop. So, what new features do you need to be focusing on for your best Google Ads results?


Join Optmyzr’s Fred Vallaeys and Hanapin’s Matt Umbro as they take you down the path of all the new and improved features that Google Ads has rolled out…and what could be coming next!


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Tactics to tackle and dominate with the Google Ads updates from this year
  • New updates coming to Shopping ads, Impression share, Mobile, Ad Rotation and more!
  • What you can expect from the new Google Ads interface