New Google Ads Features You Shouldn't Ignore: 3 Experts Share Their Secrets

New Ad Extensions that Optimize Results

Many new Google Ads features have been rolling out, including new ad extensions. Hanapin’s Associate Director of Search, Matt Umbro, will review these new extensions while showing you how to better integrate them with your text ads, and results you can expect.

Customizers and Scripts to Kick Off Your Strategy in 2017

2017 is showing us some super helpful new features that you can use immediately in your marketing strategy. Optmyzr’s Founder & CEO Fred Vallaeys will walk you through using data studio for PPC, IF functions in ad customizers, and the latest capabilities rolled out in Scripts.

Get in the Game With These New Mobile & Display Features

We know how hot a topic mobile is in the PPC world, and Google Ads has answered with more awesome features to step up your game. In this session, Hanapin’s Director of Services Jeff Baum will go through all the great new mobile and GDN features you can look forward to.