More Customers, Lower CPL: Stay Competitive with AI in Google Ads

On Demand Webinar

Google Ads is extremely competitive. As everyone fights for conversions across search, display, and YouTube, you need every advantage. And that’s where AI comes in. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become real difference makers, enabling brands to target the right audience with the right messaging and bid strategy to win more business.


If you rely on Google Ads to acquire customers, don’t get left behind. Join Hanapin’s Michael Knight and DialogTech’s Blair Symes for this webinar explaining how you can use AI to drive more customers from Google Ads campaigns at a lower CPL.


You’ll learn how leading brands are using AI to:


  • Optimize ad messaging and targeting to drive more profitable conversions
  • Provide more relevant, frictionless experience — online or over the phone
  • Use what happens on calls to improve retargeting and lookalike campaigns