2019 PPC Hero Summit

On Demand Event

The 2019 PPC Hero Summit was a free online seminar for digital marketers that featured 8 sessions with the writers and digital experts behind PPC Hero, in partnership with Mobile Monkey, Adstage, Optmyzr, and Unbounce.


If paid advertising is a part of your job, then this is an event for you. Marketing Managers, Directors, and Specialists will benefit from a variety of topics, spanning from upcoming trends to new marketing tactics and tools to make you more efficient.


Here’s the list of sessions:


  • Vital Online Trends Marketing Managers Need to Know Today
  • Automation for Marketers Who Don’t Want to Give Up Control
  • How to Start Using Scripts [+Prebuilt Templates Included]
  • More Traffic, More Conversions: How To Build Great Landing Pages
  • Use Facebook and Programmatic Ads to Drive Sales on Amazon
  • The Best Tools to Analyze Your Brand’s Competition
  • [New Tool] How to Build a Chatbot and Why It Works
  • When & How to Pivot Your Paid Advertising Strategy