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The Short Report: Paid Advertising Trends for SaaS Marketers

by Hanapin Marketing

As a SaaS provider, you’re not just marketing to consumers or businesses, you’re marketing to people who have problems and are seeking solutions. Before buying, your customers research and focus on learning about how your product will fit in with their business. They educate themselves first and buy later. But too many SaaS marketers are still stuck in a buy-first mentality with a focus on an immediate sale instead of the full buyer’s journey. This causes major misalignment with a customer’s need to learn and understand, so they are able to justify the purchase to their leadership. Basing your PPC strategy on education first, followed by a focus on closing later through remarketing or other channels, is a much more solid and sustainable way forward.


In this report, you’ll find a snapshot of trends and benchmarks in the SaaS marketing industry that will help guide your digital marketing plan for 2019 and give you a better understanding of the areas you can implement and optimize for more profitable marketing strategies.