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The State of PPC 2017-2018

Produced by Hanapin Marketing

Search has been and will probably always be the keystone of PPC. No matter the simplicities of other platforms and channels, Google AdWords continues to dominate the marketplace. Additional sophisticated capabilities, including the options to strategize a user’s experience by device and location, better reporting, and ad features, has offered a much more personalized experience for the user than ever before.


However, the marketplace is getting smarter, more competitive, and the lure of better targeting and ROI in other platforms is hard to ignore. While happening very slowly, channels like programmatic, native, social, and mobile continue to grow and will not stop trying for a better share in the PPC industry.


With the State of PPC, Hanapin Marketing’s annual survey of the pay per click (PPC) advertising industry, we look under the hood of advertising’s fastest-growing industry and find out what makes it tick, year by year.


This year, hundreds of search marketing professionals—both influencers and decision makers from a variety of brands and digital marketing agencies —completed our survey and collectively reached some very clear conclusions, including:


  • Proven platforms Google and Facebook, continue to dominate digital dollars, with Bing Ads, Mobile, and Instagram trailing closely behind.
  • Despite the effectiveness of social being on a slow incline, majority of companies are investing more of their PPC budgets on social ads, in comparison to year’s past. This emphasizes the importance digital leaders see in social networks, even if performance hasn’t reached a desirable success rate yet.
  • Mobile was seen as the most important aspect of the digital marketing industry over the last 12 months.


Download our report for the most comprehensive statistical breakdown of the digital ad industry to date—and to draw your own conclusions about where we’re headed.