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Case Studies

Script Saves 500+ Multi-Product Business Ads



A Hanapin health and wellness client sells over 40,000 products online across 37 different countries.




Their products span multiple accounts targeting different countries and regions. We needed the ability to pause ads when products weren’t in stock and enable them when they were restocked.




Our analyst team created a script that checks the stock levels of each product page.


If the product is backordered or out of stock, the ad is then labeled and paused by the script saving the client valuable time.


When the unavailable product is once again in stock, the label is changed once more for availability to respective countries/regions.





557 ads have been impacted within the domestic account across hundreds of products and multiple countries.


TIME SAVED: The script has saved the client’s internal team hours of weekly checks for out of stock pages on over 40,000 products.


Conversion Rates increased: 6.21% and wasted ad spend decreased


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