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Case Studies

Real Estate Company Sees 215% Increase of Move-Ins from PPC




Bozzuto is a diversified real estate company celebrated for developments, constructions, property management, and homebuilding.




Conversions for Bozzuto include users who come to the various corporate and property sites and take one or more of these actions:


• Fill out a contact us form
• Schedule a tour
• Make a call that lasts at least 100 seconds


Though we track and optimize around these conversions, we want these converters to turn into people who move-into the properties. The challenge is to attract better qualified leads from PPC who are more likely to move-in.




Finely Segment Campaigns


We worked to finely segment campaigns per property. Each property has a brand keywords campaign (i.e. property A), a location keywords campaign (i.e. Bethesda luxury apartments), and a non-location keywords campaign targeting a 15 – 30 mile radius around the property (i.e. upscale 2 bedroom apartments). This segmentation allowed  for hyper specific keywords and ads.


Price Ad Customizers


Since we want to target users more likely to rent our properties, we set up a business data feed that pulls the starting prices of the properties into our ads. For example, if an ad states that prices start at $2,500, we can then better prequalify users. If users click, we know price isn’t their top concern. If they don’t click, we aren’t charged for potentially unqualified clicks.



With over 250 properties utilizing individual budgets, manual budget management is difficult. Therefore, we’ve created proprietary tools that make use of Supermetrics to dynamically pull all property budgets and give us a monthly projection for each. At any given time, we can see where we stand and adjust budgets accordingly. We also implemented a Google Ads script that automatically pauses campaigns when the property has used 95% of its budget.





Hanapin works with about 10 marketing managers who handle all marketing efforts for each property. Similar to our budget projection process, it would take too much time to manually send reports to each property. We’ve created an all-encompassing report that allows marketing managers to choose their property and then see all the metrics associated with it. We’ve also created a Display ad preview tool which allows marketing managers to view any and all creative (through Display) that is running for their properties.

The Results


We’ve saved hundreds of hours in management and communication time over the course of the relationship because of the tools we created.
-78% yoy cost per move-in decrease as a result of PPC
+215% yoy move-in increase as a result of PPC


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