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Paid Social Testing Drove 3400+ Leads in Less than 2 Months for a B2B Company

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The client is an education-based business that provides innovative, online products for both teachers and students to succeed in the classroom. Hanapin began working with the client at the beginning of 2019. At the time, hardly any social ads were running and the ones that were, only focused on awareness for the brand. After making a compelling pitch for the brand to further expand into a variety of social platforms with a direct response approach, the client agreed and in October 2019 lead gen campaigns began on Facebook.


After running the lead gen campaigns on Facebook for only 3 weeks, the Hanapin team determined that Facebook ads were driving more leads at a lower CPA than Search ads. Because of this, the client was able to acquire additional budget to expand the test. The goal of the test was to drive 3,000 new leads from 5 priority regions identified by the client-side sales team. On Hanapin’s recommendation, lead generation campaigns were launched in both Facebook and Twitter, targeting the five “focus states” (Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois).


The approach led to 3,400+ new leads from priority regions in less than 2 months, blowing past the client expectations and goals.



Timeline: November 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019


  • Test the success of Facebook and Twitter Lead Gen Ads
  • Acquire 3,000 Leads




The test was intentionally concluded before the end of the year, anticipating that conversion rates and lead volume would fall during the holidays. The early and sustained momentum of the campaign allowed the team to make that strategic decision, while still exceeding the predetermined goals for lead volume and CPA.


How it Impacted Their Business

Beyond the incredible results, this test revealed a new strategy the company can run at for continued growth, both with their paid campaigns and their marketing overall. Previously, marketing budgets were concentrated on promoting brand awareness and thought-leadership within their industry, without minimal emphasis on direct-response advertising. Following the success of this social expansion, the client has refocused some of their 2020 goals to incorporate more lead generation and channel diversification.


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