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Case Studies

Paid Media & COVID-19: Focusing on Engagement & Top-of-Funnel Activity

Produced by Hanapin Marketing

Who is the client


The Accessory Junkie is an online jewelry store that curates limited edition and one of a kind women’s jewelry and accessories from around the world. , one-of-a-kind online jewelry brand.


What is Happening


Due to COVID-19, they decided to push back their Spring launch date. However, they needed to continue engaging with their audience and reaching new people.




They shifted their strategy to focus on engagement while also building brand equity and trust.


Here are some things they are doing:


  • Shifted messaging to “When Your Staycay Becomes your Getaway.”
  • Virtual events that feature trivia questions, giveaways, guest speakers with their own follower-base, cocktail parties, nail art workshops, among other things.
  • Connecting users with the designers’ backstories.
  • Running campaigns on paid social, directed at their target audience.


How this is helping the business during the crisis


Focusing on engagement and brand equity keeps up a positive brand image while the marketplace remains unstable. When The Accessory Junkie launches their Spring collection, they will have an engaged and invested target audience that is more likely to convert.