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Landing Page Optimizations Drive a 143% Increase in Conversions for SaaS Company

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Awards Network is a platform software that allows companies to reward their employees for good performance, sales competitions, or tenure. Instead of awards or trophies, employees can get name brand merchandise, travel options, experiences and gift cards.


Customers were searching for more information


Although Awards Network was driving a significant amount of traffic through their paid and organic channels, they were wondering if there was something they could do to increase their conversion rates – both of their product catalog download, and of software sales.


The client had 6 different landing pages, each with different copy. Each page corresponded directly with a paid ad. The messaging across each landing page placed a lot of emphasis on the types of awards employees could earn, without explaining much about the software itself.


To better understand what users were looking for and how we could impact conversion rates, our CRO team implemented heat mapping on all 6 of their current landing pages. And what we discovered was that users were looking for more information about the software and less about the specific gifts offered through the platform, on all 6 landing pages.


By providing more context upfront, we created motivation for customers to move to the next step.


With a better understanding of what users were looking for, we created an entirely new landing page to test against the old ones. In the new landing page, we included different copy that was applicable regardless of which ad directed them to the page. We also designed a new page layout to put more emphasis on the software itself.



Because users had the software information needed to make a purchasing decision, they felt more confident taking the next step (making the conversion) – which was downloading the full awards catalogue.


The Results


When testing the old landing pages against the new page we created, we saw a 142.57% conversion rate increase for the catalogue download on the new landing page over a 1-month period.


Via Google Ads, we were also able to track other conversions on the site as a result of launching that new landing page. The new landing page resulted in a 62.67% increase in purchases, and a 25.3% decrease in cost-per-click.


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