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Case Studies

How a Multi-Course University Saved Thousands and Boosted Enrollments



Chicago Booth is the second-oldest business school in the U.S. with multiple programs promoting to regions across the world. The school was the first to offer an Executive MBA program, and the first to initiate a Ph.D. program in business.




There was a need to boost registrations for multiple summer programs, but only three days to push live and a limited budget for each program.




Utilize a programmatic display hybrid in the Google Display Network (GDN). Programmatic campaigns typically require more time and money than was available. The unique solutions had to be a programmatic hybrid using GDN.


Use ad creative that is course specific with class dates in order to pre-qualify clicks.


Audience creation with 3 targets.





+70% in site sessions


+90% in new site users


• Three day set up


• $1000’s of budget dollars saved with creative programmatic solution


• Three high value enrollments


• The solution is now in use in London Market

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