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Case Studies

How We Increased A Company’s Demo Request Rates 170%

Varonis is a data security platform that protects your file and email servers from cyberattacks and insider threats.

Two birds with one stone: The entire site had multiple call-to-actions causing users to disperse from the funnel and the experience behind the primary CTA on the product-specific pages misaligned with user expectations.



Altered the language and action of each CTA 

“Start Your Free Trial” to “Request a Demo”


Unified all CTAs on the product-specific pages

one message, one action


The original CTA “Start Your Free Trial” alluded to immediate access to test and experience the software. In reality, users were contacted by a sales team member who would walk them through the software. In changing the CTA to “Request a Demo,” the clarity behind the reaction to the CTA click was greatly increased. In requesting a demo, users expect to be contacted by a member of a sales team – no unexpected actions, less negative experiences and inferences.


Unifying the message on the CTAs ensured that users recognized CTAs as a central action: “When I want to reach out to request a demo, I can click one of these yellow buttons without thinking about it and I’ll get what I want.” This also informs users of their next step. We always want users to proceed at their own pace. By providing clear steps down the conversion path we enable them to approach the deeper end of the funnel at a time when they are informed and ready. This approach also leads to more quality leads, rather than just increasing lead volume.
















“There was no explicit conversion path on pages that were presumably deeper-funnel pages. Users seemed overwhelmed by the amount of content and actions available on the site and they were not taking any action on these deeper-funnel pages. Unifying the available call-to-actions throughout the page and ensuring that the language matched the expected click action not only increased lead volume, but also increased high quality lead volume because we ensured that our users knew how to proceed and could do so at their own pace.”

– Kate Wilcox | CRO Manager, Hanapin Marketing

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