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How Two Words Bolstered an 86.24% Increase in eComm Site Revenue

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Murphy Door is an ecommerce brand selling high-end, customizable doors for the home. They noticed that, while their campaigns were producing a lot of traffic to their site, it was not translating into sales. We decided to get our conversion rate optimization (CRO) team involved to see what options were available to help increase conversions.


Polling Prospects

To understand why more customers weren’t converting, we created a poll on the client’s top 2 product pages that asked users, “Is there anything stopping you from making a purchase today?” utilizing HotJar.

The main issue people gave for not purchasing was price. Being a customizable product with a hefty price tag, it’s not surprising that “price” was what stopped the majority of users from purchasing. However, lowering the price was unrealistic and would negatively impact profitability. More brainstorming was needed to figure out what we could do to positively impact how consumers felt about the price, without actually changing the price.

To better align user expectations, we improved the existing content with a couple of quick adjustments to the copy.

“Starting At” was added before the price listing and “select our base model for $749.00 or upgrade with customizations” was added in the descriptions. These changes provided clarity on what was included in the price, and what was going to cost extra.



The Solution

To better align user expectations, we improved the existing content with a couple of quick adjustments.

It wasn’t obvious that the listed price would fluctuate as customizations were made. For example, the price of one door was listed at $749.00 flat. It was not clear that it was the starting price only – not the final price.

The static price listing created misaligned expectations. Because the customers were most likely not expecting the price tag to fluctuate, the price shift was ultimately stopping them from purchasing.


The Results

The results of these simple changes spoke volumes.


  • 86.24% increase in revenue
  • 48.25% increase in e-commerce conversion rate
  • -24.23% decrease in bounce rate


A simple change to the copy and product details resulted in $23K+ of additional revenue spanning four weeks. It was that easy.
By better understanding customers’ concerns, we were able to successfully address those concerns head-on and provide a more realistic purchase path for them. We were able to gather both quantitative and qualitative data to better understand just how impactful these changes were to the customers and their experience, and then implement them quickly to improve conversion rates across the site.


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