"In a couple of weeks Hanapin had a better understanding of our business than the previous agency had in two years."

-Jóhann Benediktsson | Marketing & Communications Manager | Icelandair

Case Studies

How Icelandair Increased Sales 80% by Finding A New Way to Target High Intent Users

Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights to and from Iceland, as well as an attractive option for cross-Atlantic flights.

The Challenge:


We were challenged to test and compare placement of a new Google Beta feature: Display Select Keywords (DSK) against a regular Google Display Network campaign for 7 different markets (Chicago, DC, NY, Newark, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis).



The Strategy:


  • Utilize the DSK campaigns for evergreen and promotional content to appeal to travelers likely to make a purchase when prices were competitive.
  • Continued to run traditional GDN campaigns to maintain daily traffic volume.
  1.  Instead of constantly combing through placement reports for top converting sites, we allowed Google to determine the websites and apps being used by low-funnel traffic.
  2. We saw increased competition for these placements causing average CPCs to be higher in our DSK campaigns. The data proves it’s worth this investment, as direct conversion volume and revenue generated from DSK are consistently higher. While view-through-conversions are valuable, we would much rather invest additional budget in campaigns generating immediate sales.
  3. DSK campaigns were applied to all high volume gateways. We not only showed evergreen creative, but have also pushed promotional content to better appeal to those ready to purchase.


The Results:


  • 49% CPC decrease in first 30 days. After 90 days, DSK CPCs were 34% higher than GDN, but due to the direct sales boost, we were comfortable bidding at this rate.
  • 49% drop in view-thru-conversions for DSK vs. GDN within the first 30 days. After 90 days, VTC’s were still down by 33%, but direct conversions were 50% higher for DSK campaigns.