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How a University got 5x more leads using Quora Ads Than Facebook

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The client is a university based in the Midwest that offers liberal arts programs, Master degrees, and professional development certificates. Because Hanapin has a well-established relationship with the Quora for Business platform representatives, we got early access to try their newest ad format, Lead Gen Ads. The client is very open to testing and trying new things. Hanapin has built up a trusting relationship with them, so that when new opportunities become available, like trying out a new audience on a new platform, they are excited and willing to take the leap to try it out. And what resulted was the discovery of a brand new audience that converted.


Facebook VS Quora 

Timeline: October 2019

The client had been running lead gen ads on Facebook for awhile. While the results were positive, both teams decided that a test running both Facebook ads and Quora ads at the same time with the lead gen ad format could offer the entire team new insights and a fresh perspective.
The ads for each were set up with similar messaging and the same offer. For targeting, on Quora we used interest targeting (which is what previous ads used before) and on Facebook, we used lookalikes off of a student prospect list. The 2 programs chosen to be included in the test were trying to get new applicants.


The Quora Lead Gen ads got 5x the amount of leads at a 63% lower CPL than Facebook.

How it Impacted Their Business

The client was thrilled with the results from the test and expanded using lead gen ads in Quora to all programs following the test. The Quora Lead ads continue to be used by the client as a lead driver in obtaining additional applicants for their programs.


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