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Hotel Chain Drove 428% More Revenue with a “catch-all” vs “property-specific” retargeting campaign on Facebook

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The full-service hotel chain is based in major cities throughout the U.S. and London and caters to business travelers and urban explorers. Remarketing campaigns were setup for each property, meaning that there was specific ad creative for that property once they visited that property’s site. These campaigns were not driving value for the hotel chain.
The Challenge
The website is set-up where users can visit the booking engine to secure a room, directly from the homepage or from a specific property site. But the booking engine did not provide clarity on where visitors were coming from to book (either from the homepage of the site or from a specific property), so there was a disconnect for users. Users that had been on the site, but not on a specific property and hadn’t booked a room were not receiving remarketing ads and thus, the brand was losing out on valuable traffic and sales.
The Solution
To ensure the hotel chain was remarketing to all travelers who had visited the site, but not booked, the Hanapin team created a “catch-all” remarketing campaign. Instead of ad creative being property-specific, the ads were generic, used the hotel branding as the main focus and retargeted to anyone that had been on the site in the last 10 days.
The idea of changing up the remarketing campaign came out of casual discussion between Hanapin and the client. It wasn’t a huge worry necessarily, but just a question posed of “how can we get more value out of this channel?” The Hanapin team ran with that question and came up with a smart, simple solution.
The Results
With this simple change, the catch-all campaign ended up driving 428% more revenue than the property-specific campaign in a 30 day period (November 15 – December 14, 2019).


“This particular chain caters mostly to business travelers, so the time frame between searching and booking is much shorter. It was important that their remarketing was set-up in the most profitable way possible, but because this isn’t a typical hotel chain, the usual set-up wasn’t the right one. It took some extra brainstorming and flexibility with ‘best practices’ to find a solution that worked for the brand. It goes to show that just because something is set up in typical fashion doesn’t mean that’s best for the brand.” – Diane Anselmo, Associate Director of Services


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