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Healthcare SaaS Company Drove 99% More Form Submissions with CRO

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The client is a customer service outsourcing company offering top-notch, flexible and affordable contact center solutions for premium brands. They support pre-sale, post-sale and sales support for email, chat, SMS and other inbound channels.


Prior to the Hanapin CRO team stepping in, the client was using the main site pages for PPC. While they knew it wasn’t best practice, the internal team didn’t have the capacity to have someone focus on CRO efforts. The Hanain team stepped in as an extension of their team to provide the optimizations they needed. This included developing landing pages for paid media ads that led to game-changing results for the client and their marketing strategy.


Why have landing pages?


Landing pages allow you to hyper-focus on one CTA and get the user to take action. The overall page is shorter and the main components, such as a form, can be at the top of the page where the user will see it first. A web page is primarily focused on informing.


What We Did


To truly understand what type of page was going to work best for the company, the Hanapin team implemented an experiment. We built out PPC landing pages that closely aligned with industry best practices and tailored the landing pages to specific campaigns and industry terms. In this instance, Hanapin helped develop wireframes for the client’s dev team to utilize in creating the final landing pages. *Typically, the Hanapin CRO team will create the final landing pages.



  • Long form at the bottom
  • Had the navigation and the footer bar
  • Relied on anchor tags throughout pages to move users along

Variations (3 total)

  • Overall page was shorter
  • Form moved to the top
  • Removed navigation and footer bar
  • Variations had different industry terms




The team conducted A/B tests for each PPC campaign that was driving traffic to the control pages to achieve a 50/50 split between the experimental pages and the control pages.


99% increase in form submissions
52% decrease in cost per conversion



How it Impacted Their Business

Not only did the experiment result in more quality form submissions, reduced costs, and more revenue, but it also helped align the marketing and sales teams. It showed how impactful marketing and particularly, CRO, can be on driving quality leads for the business. The approach was applied to other campaigns to help increase overall business.


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