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eCommerce Brand Sees 24x Ad Spend Return From Amazon Programmatic

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The client is a leading competitor in home charging stations for electric cars, however, they were struggling to gain market share against their competitors. Because the audience for this type of product is small, due to geographic and financial restrictions, reaching the right audience was a big challenge.


Testing Programmatic

The account manager met with Hanapin’s programmatic team to propose and roll-out 8 test audiences in Amazon DSP on behalf of the client. These audiences were:

  1. Competitor-focused
    Included prospects who had previously searched for a competitor’s products.
  2. Remarketing – Amazon
    Included prospects who had previously viewed the client’s product on Amazon.
  3. Remarketing – Client Website
    Included prospects who had previously viewed the client’s website.
  4. In-Market
    This was an audience who seemed to be in-market for an alternative fuel car based on previous browsing history.
  5. Product-Focused – Owners
    This included a list of those who were electric car owners.
  6. Product-Focused – Interest
    This included a list of those who had shown interest in electric or hybrid cars.
  7. Look-alike
    This was a list of people who matched similar attributes to our client’s typical customer.
  8. Amazon Exclusive
    This was a list provided by Amazon of people who had shown interest in the electric car product category.



The strategy was to target audiences who were highly interested in electric cars and chargers. Those test audiences were evaluated on return on ad spend (ROAS), click-through rate, website interactions, and number of purchases over a 3-month period.

After the test concluded, the two winning audiences were implemented into the client’s marketing strategy.


90% of the sales resulting from the test were from customers who had never interacted with the brand previously.


Winning Audience #1: Remarketing

  • The remarketing audience drove 650,000 additional impressions.
  • The ads saw a 24x ROAS.
  • The client also saw an influx of quality traffic to the website.


Winning Audience #2: Competitor-Focused

This audience focused on individuals who had not interacted with our client’s brand, but had looked for products in the same category on Amazon. Since this audience was a bit more exploratory, the results were lower than those from the remarketing audience, but still impressive. The Competitor Audience ads generated 380,000 additional impressions and a 16x ROAS.


How it Impacted the Company

The strategic usage of Amazon DSP audiences helped our client further build out their full-funnel, multi-platform strategy. With these audiences, they are able to target interested potential customers at various stages of the funnel.

Besides the success of increased conversions from the Amazon DSP ads, social conversion rates increased by 2.07%, and search ad conversion rates increased by 5.19% compared to the previous period. These successes were also direct results of launching Amazon DSP, which led to increased brand awareness for interested potential customers.


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