Your Expert InstructorShannon MacklinAccount Manager Hanapin Marketing

Dynamic search ads (DSAs) are search ads that show based on the content of your site. Google crawls your site and then matches to search terms that are closely related to the content on your site. Then, the headline and landing page are dynamically generated to match the search term. This allows for more congruency between the search term, the search ad and the landing page.
Dynamic search ads are a fantastic way to capture the “who would have thought” traffic. They catch unique searches, which can then lead to expansion opportunities. No matter where your account stands, DSAs help to fill in the gaps where your other search campaigns may be slacking.


In this lesson, Account Manager Shannon Macklin, will walk you through a summary of what they are, how to set them up and how they can be used alongside remarketing.

What you'll learn in this lesson

  • What DSAs are and how they can be used
  • How to get them set-up in your Google account
  • The best ways to set up your targeting for DSAs