Your Expert InstructorElliot KempAccount Manager Hanapin Marketing

Google Ad extensions are all about helping the advertiser provide more information to people searching on Google. The number of relevant extensions you’re running can greatly affect the appeal of your ads. The more appealing the ad, the more likely it is to receive clicks. As we know, clicks help lead to sales, leads, conversions, bookings, or whatever you are offering. If you want your ad to stand out on the search results page, you need to be utilizing ad extensions. They give your ad greater visibility and help set your business apart from your competitors.


In this lesson, Account Manager Elliot Kemp, will do a comprehensive breakdown of ad extensions available in Google Ads and how you can use them.

What you'll learn in this lesson

  • What ad extensions are
  • How to create ad extensions
  • The various types of extensions available
  • Why you should be using ad extensions in your accounts