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Let’s take a deeper dive on who can get the most benefit out of Invoca!


What verticals does your platform work best for? What’s the average cost for a client to use your platform? Invoca works best for considered purchase verticals: Insurance, financial services, telecom, travel, home services, and healthcare.

What’s the average cost for a client to use your platform?
Invoca charges an overall license fee, and additional usage fees based on the number of minutes or calls driven through our platform. Our fees are recurring subscriptions, and average customers pay mid to high five digits in subscription fees.

Describe the on boarding process

Our standard onboardings timeline ranges from two to ten weeks, depending on multiple factors, like customer’s knowledge of the Invoca platform, customer’s resources availability to complete their assigned project tasks, platform edition and integrations to be implemented.

Below is a timeline representing a typical implementation.

Who generally uses your platform? (job titles)
Digital marketer, marketing analytics manager, director of marketing, paid search manager, customer acquisition manager

Does your platform primarily convert last click or is it a strong contributor via attribution?
It is typically a last click but can be a contributor for complex purchases.

Are you a self service platform or managed service?

We offer both self-service and managed services. Majority of clients are self-service but enterprise-level clients are typically managed.

What training do you offer to better understand and use your platform?

All new customers receive platform education. We have a robust knowledge base with self-service articles but also offer hands-on trainings for additional fees.


Invoca helps marketers increase revenue and improve the customer experience by connecting phone calls to the rest of the digital customer journey. With Invoca’s Voice Marketing Cloud, marketers can optimize their campaigns based on why people are calling, who’s calling, and what’s being said in conversations. These insights can be applied in real-time to deliver a more personalized experience during and after every phone call, such as automatically routing each caller to the right agent and triggering relevant messages on channels like email and display. Marketers can also use Invoca to reach more people who want to call with retargeting and lookalike modeling. Invoca is backed by Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners, Accel Partners, Upfront Ventures, Rincon Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and Stepstone. For more information, please visit

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