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Let’s take a deeper dive on who can get the most benefit out of Wizaly!


What verticals does your platform work best for? What’s the average cost for a client to use your platform?
It’s relevant to any vertical but works best for retail or any business with a clear conversion outcome (checkout, filling out a form, etc).

What’s the average cost for a client to use your platform?
The cost is based on traffic volume we have to track but most often ranges between $2,500 to $10,000.

Describe the on boarding process

On the client side, all that is required is to place our pixels on the site. We then take care of the rest and in most cases, the setup is completed within a month or two.

Setup includes:

  • tracking setup & verification
  • channel mapping
  • site mapping
  • preparation of reporting templates
  • training on platform usage
  • setup of the connectors to Adwords, Bing, Facebook, etc.


Be prepared with a list of campaigns that make up each budget you manage; know the length and type (repeating or one-time) of budget cycle; and enable alerting and automation (if desired). People typically spend about 1-2 minutes setting up each budget, but budget “shells” can be quickly replicated to make new budgets with minimal changes.


When getting started, expect to spend some additional time learning about automation features and Shape’s more advanced tools such as Budget Pacing and Budget Booster.


Who generally uses your platform? (job titles)

  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director
  • DEcommerce Director
  • CMO
  • Paid Media Manager

Does your platform primarily convert last click or is it a strong contributor via attribution?
We help understand real attribution and help clients go beyond the limitations of the last click model. It is not a tool to directly run paid media but to understand what works and what does not. Clients can see the results from a last click, first click, even distribution stand point but we recommend using our algorithmic attribution approach

Are you a self service platform or managed service?

It’s a self service platform but we bundle it with optional consulting work for clients who haven’t got the time or expertise to analyze the outcome themselves.

What training do you offer to better understand and use your platform?
As part of the on-boarding, 1/2 a day of training is included. Most deals we sign include a certain amount of hours of support on an ongoing basis.

Decisions in today’s world are no longer solely based on intuition. Virtually everything on the Internet is trackable, and you can powerfully leverage this fact to grow your business. Managing and testing digital campaigns is as scientific as marketing is ever going to get – however, making sense of the huge amounts of data collected and making the right budget allocation decisions can be daunting, especially when multiple paid traffic sources are at play.


Wizaly’s multitouch attribution platform helps you go beyond the first click, last click, or any pre-defined attribution models. We measure the impact of display banners by measuring the view-through impact and provide results, recommendations in an easy to use and affordable platform.


Interested to know more? Get in touch with us at contact-us@wizaly.com.

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