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Let’s take a deeper dive on who can get the most benefit out of BrandVudu!


What verticals does your platform work best for? The platform works for any verticals including Digital Ad Agencies, AdTech, Software as a Service, Legal, Health and Finance.

Describe the on boarding process

The onboarding process only applies for Custom/Enterprise plans.

The set-up includes: 

  • Creating a project
  • Entering a minimum of top 15 keywords
  • Entering top competitor’s URL

Be prepared for list of top keywords, top competitors URL, web pages URL you’d like to monitor, and list of other people on your team you’d like to invite to the use the tool or send a report.

Our users typically spend about 5 minutes to create a project. For Custom/Enterprise plans, we’ll help with the set-up.

Who generally uses your platform? (job titles)


  • Digital Marketing Manager, Director, VP
  • PPC Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • Corporate Marketing
  • CMO
  • Business Development at an Agency
  • Marketing Consultant/Agency Owner


Are you a self service platform or managed service?

It is a self-service platform.

What training do you offer to better understand and use your platform?

As part of the onboarding, product training and set-up is included.


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