The Hanapin Client Experience

The Hanapin Client Experience

The Weather Channel

"We're starting to be seen as a key player within the company... and Hanapin had a huge, huge role in helping us."

Samantha Cohen | Director, Media

"The ability to lean on Hanapin to be in the account and manage and expand on our brand is paramount to our success over the last year"

Topher Mould | Senior Marketing Associate
Iceland Air

"In a couple of weeks Hanapin had a better understanding of our business than the previous agency had in two years."

Jóhann Benediktsson | Marketing & Communications Manager
The Hero Conf Attendee Experience

The Hero Conf Attendee Experience


"I had high expectations, given how much I love PPC Hero, but Hero Conf blew every expectation away. All the speakers, they brought their A-game. I learned so much in every session.”

Purna Virji | Senior Manager, PPC Training at Microsoft
3Q Digital

"Hero Conf is always one of the best run conferences on the circuit. It is super personable, professional. The sessions are just always jam packed with really great information.”

Joe Kerschbaum | Senior Director, Client Services
B2 Linked

"Hero Conf is THE conference to attend if you care about digital advertising. The narrow focus on paid ads means that I know I'm going to get expert-level focus on PPC, and it will be undiluted by channels that are less of a focus for me. I'm hooked and will be attending again!

AJ Wilcox | LinkedIn Ads Evangelist
The PPC Hero Blog Reader Experience

The PPC Hero Blog Reader Experience


"I am a huge fan of Hanapin because they prove their advertising expertise through their blogs, conferences, and real life work. The PPCHero.com blog is one of my most trusted resources. Agencies simply cannot fake that level of knowledge. They have earned it through hard work in successful accounts, and I seek to emulate them in my own work.”

Chris Haleua | Senior Product Marketing Manager