PPC Management

Full-service management from the people defining the industry

Brands need performance and insights at scale. Our teams-of-teams approach to PPC accounts, along with hiring 25% ahead of need, allows us to align our experts with our clients' needs; including dedicating resources by geography and product category. Having a structured approach—called "rTLS"—enables reliable testing and insights. No one will know your business as well as you do, but we'll know it better than any other agency.

Why full-time PPC management from Hanapin:

  • Our clients gave us a Net Promoter Score of 90; we deliver results and great client service
  • We can scale with your business because we hire 25% more experts than we need, today
  • 20% of our capacity is "unassigned," so we quickly activate Pulse campaigns and troubleshoot critical problems
  • We manage PPC campaigns in over 100 countries—often for multi-business unit enterprises
  • Hanapin employees stay ahead of the industry through 100-150 hours of training per year
  • Clients work with experts in paid search, paid social, structured data, performance display and CRO
  • Director-level insights and Account Managers from the world’s most popular PPC resource (PPC Hero)
  • Hanapin has a stringent account review process to ensure flawless account execution
  • Brands never feel like they are the ones pushing us, because we are the people pushing the industry
  • We have 93% employee retention, and have won multiple Best Places to Work and Inc 5000 awards

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In-House Partnerships

Providing your team with agency resources and thought-leadership for less than one full-time expert

Our In-House Partnership program allows in-house teams to have the flexibility, multi-account experience, and cross-industry intelligence of an agency without the high monthly fee often associated with a long-term commitment. Our in-house retainer service does provides some limited production work, however the key benefit is unlimited analysis, insight and strategy work to help your business stay ahead of the curve when dealing with the complexities of the modern world of PPC (Paid Search, Paid Social and Performance Display).


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PPC Audit

You Let Us Take a Look, We Let You Make the Changes

Our audit process involves a thorough review of your PPC portfolio's structure, historical performance, use of fundamental PPC best practices and advanced PPC optimizations. We take these practices and find opportunities in your live account, which we report to you for implementation.

What we'll do:

  • Identify optimization opportunities in your existing accounts
  • Revise and map out optimal account structure
  • Research and deliver upload-ready spreadsheets for new growth strategies

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PPC Retainers

You may know the ins and outs of PPC but realize your account could use additional resources: Time, manpower, and expertise. That's why our PPC retainers offer you the ability to augment your own staff or skills with Hanapin's. Our team will direct its efforts to where you need it most and perform enhancements, as you need them over a specific period of time.

The benefits of working with our esteemed Account Managers:

  • Assistance or staff augmentation to accomplish goals
  • Improve your account health and get a fresh pair of eyes
  • Gain an edge on your competitors with early access to AdWords and Bing Ads betas
  • Complete initiatives that keep getting postponed

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